Case History Aboca

The customer’s initial need was to provide an operational tool for agents and technical-scientific informants (ITS) to support them in their daily work of visiting and collecting information.


It was necessary to make available materials and services, both during customer visits and in activity analysis, reducing the physical footprint and reducing the environmental impact. In this way it was also possible to guarantee agents a constant updating of the contents and services available and to allow the company to monitor (and correct) the operativeness of the agents.

The application, called “AbocaManager” was later extended to other vertical uses such as the collection of photos / images from stores. Detailed customer reports, the latest activities and their geographical layout can also be accessed offline.

The application is also equipped with an order program, to allow the insertion directly at the end of the visit by the customer.

  • Development of the APP ” core “.

  • Integration with the company CMS

  • Integration with the customer’s reporting systems (SQL Reporting Services)

  • Support for “offline” content fruition (with local DB)


  • Off-line / online operation with multilingual, multi-company and multi-channel management

  • Multimedia: Audio/video content management, presentations and possibility to make photographic surveys.

  • Geolocation of points of sale (also potential).

  • Analysis of activity performance.

  • Integration with customer orders.

The APP has been developed in native iOS technology (Objective-C language) integrating the components needed to connect to the company VPN.

The local DB has been implemented with SQLite technology.