SHINTECK SRL, is a company founded in Pontedera (Pisa), in 2009 and offers Enterprise services and solutions in the area of Information & Communication Technology.

We design and build ICT systems, taking care of all aspects:

strategy identification, analysis of processes and organizational implications, definition of architecture, implementation, and operational management.

Thanks to the strong experience gained by its staff in national and international projects, Shinteck is able to accompany its partners in the creation and optimization of the value chain with ICT solutions for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.

Shinteck follows the path of automation of business processes:

  • Assessment of the current value chain and analysis of pockets of inefficiency;

  • Performing an audit to identify technological needs;

  • Analysis of the impact of new technologies on the structure;

  • Presentation of a project for the provision of the services and solutions identified;

  • Implementation and integration of change processes with ICT solutions.