Case History Savema

Savema is an international leader in the production and sale of marble, granite and other ornamental stones, specialising in architectural stone works for exteriors and marble slabs and blocks from Carrara quarries.


Photographic Catalogue

It was necessary to make available to sales agents a photographic catalogue representing a sample of the marble slabs sold by the company. A cross-platform iOS/Android application was therefore developed, first in HTML5 (MoSync), then with the advent of new, more up-to-date and performing technologies, in Xamarin.Forms.

  • Photographic catalogue divided into folders

  • Inserting new photos from camera or gallery

  • Searching the inserted records

  • Insertion of customizable metadata on individual photos (such as weight and size)

  • Autocompletion with pre-existing data

  • Massive import of data

  • Internal data storage on SQLite databases

  • Sending one or more photos by email, with the possibility of inserting a personalized watermark


It was necessary to develop an application to be installed on a mobile device that would keep track of the slabs chosen by a customer during the tour of the company so as to be able to easily create an order.

  • Order line data printed directly on the plate by affixing QrCode with AES encryption printed by management intranet.

  • Verification of login data via verification on the management intranet

  • Integrated QrCode reader integration on Zebra Android device

  • Integration of QrCode reading from camera

  • Sending an order to the management intranet

  • Data decoding and storage on internal SQLite database

  • Possibility to work offline with multiple orders and postpone their dispatch


The APPs have been developed in Xamarin cross platform technology.
Native and Xamarin.Forms. Native platform customizations (photo management, watermark, navigation…) and integrations with specific Zebra hardware have been implemented.