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Medical-Note S.r.l., a company specialising in the provision of digital services in the medical field, has known and satisfied the needs of professionals in the sector for over 20 years.

The digital tools and apps are designed to meet the needs of workers in the medical sector, scientific companies and medical and pharmaceutical companies.

These tools can be used for a wide range of purposes and their benefits go beyond the medical sphere: simplification of university lectures and of the doctor-patient relationship. This is a large project that covers several health sectors, each with specifications related to its area of intervention.






Liver-Note is the app dedicated to liver health, especially essential in the pre, during and after treatment or operation. One of the most innovative sections concerns the 3D visualization of the liver and the possibility to note down considerations on it.

The app also offers the possibility to collect data from 20 patients and obtain reliable statistics based on 5 patient check-ups.

  • Settings screen: to allow the customer to configure the desired mode of use. Touch, Hybrid or Classic (with motion arrows)

  • REC functionality: video recording while navigating the 3D model

  • Photo Function: Shooting and saving and viewing the photo gallery.


  • Enabling rotation and pinch/zoom of the 3d model by touch on screen for the Touch version

  • Improved user experience in adding injuries, model saves, menu navigation and component UI, menu navigation and injury lists

  • Change the display of the model control buttons to avoid overlapping in the zoom.

  • Added 180° Rotation Keys

The technologies used

The app was developed using Native Cross Platform technology, Xamarine together with Unity Game Engine 3D with distribution on Apple Store and Google Apps or through a private company certificate (at the customer’s choice). Cloud BaaS /mBaaS (Backend as a service / Mobile Backend as a service).