Case History Project W@W

An application realized with Xamarin Forms technology.

The purpose is the implementation of a platform for monitoring stress during work through the use of wearable sensory systems capable of monitoring the heart rate, posture and movements of the physiotherapist.

The study aims to assess the well-being of users in their work environment and the recognition of potential physical or psychological situations, related to multiple causes that, if not prevented and become chronic, could easily lead to incorrect procedures with potentially serious consequences on the physical and mental state of the physiotherapist and consequently on the efficiency and quality of work.

The data, constantly acquired, processed and stored both on a local memory card at the Data Logger and on a mobile APP listening via Bluetooth, can be consulted in real time. The app also allows transmission to the cloud server.


  • Data is acquired in real time via Bluetooth stored on the device

  • Possibility to operate offline

  • Automatically send captured data to cloud servers

  • Automatic loss management of bluetooth connectivity and reconnection

  • Manual addition of physiotherapist session metadata

  • Implementation with Xamarin Forms platform

  • Integration of native android proprietary library


The APP has been developed in Xamarin Forms cross platform technology.