Case History App Ayama

Ayama, a mobile application for the analysis and sampling control, manages the activities related to the control plans.

Vida is a group of people with many years of experience in the design and development of innovative technological solutions for the management of specific processes in the Laboratory, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and R&D divisions.


  • User interface development

  • Interfaces are generated dynamically from the data

  • User experience development

  • Basic development: Framework, Login, Menu, Home


  • Compatible with both Android and iOS platforms on tablet devices in landscape mode.

  • Possibility to read barcode or QR-code

  • Visualization:

    • samples and associated checklists
    • single visualization of pre-acceptance
  • Sample edit only, the high screens will be read-only

  • Full edit: delete, insert, update (where available from services) on the operating screens

  • Process checklist list :

    • Photo capture possibility: call of Operating System to camera.
    • Download/Display: with “Open with” type Operating System functionality (iOS, Android)