Case History Picking Savema

Savema is an international leader in the production and sale of marblegranite and other ornamental stones, specialising in architectural stone works for exteriors and marble slabs and blocks from Carrara quarries.


The Picking app is an application compatible with both android and iOS platforms. It has been created to provide the possibility of scanning by barcode or manual reading of a slab or block before being loaded on the truck. And this scan allows you to know in which area of the truck they should be placed.


  • Possibility of scanning by barcode reading

  • Possibility of scanning by manual insertion

  • Possibility to perform a multiple scan through barcode reading

  • Detail visualization of the plate or block after reading the barcode


  • Compatibility with both android and iOS platforms

  • Detail visualization of the plate or block

  • Multiple or single reading of slab or block barcodes are possible

  • Barcode reading

  • Direct connection to the management system via webview

  • Manual barcode scanning