Case History Collaudo Savema

Savema is an international leader in the production and sale of marblegranite and other ornamental stones, specialising in architectural stone works for exteriors and marble slabs and blocks from Carrara quarries.

App Collaudo

It was necessary to create an application to be installed on a mobile device compatible with the android platform. This allows the user who uses it to insert block or plate type tests. Within each test you can add from one to more blocks / plates, with the related images and details.

Moreover, after having filled in all the required fields both for the testing detail and for the plate/block detail, it is possible to send tests directly to the management system (intranet).

The application can also be used offline, after logging in for the first time.


  • Insertion of tests that may be related to blocks and slabs

  • Test detail page in which the characteristics concerning (height, width, depth/thickness and weight) are inserted

  • The sending of the tests placed on the management system (intranet)

  • Mark the defects on the photos with the use of the sketch.


  • Compatibility with android platform

  • Database for the cms (backend): SQlite.

  • Viewing test list

  • Sending tests directly to the management system (intranet)

  • Added test detail block/lacter

  • Possibility of inserting from one to more photos concerning block or plate, and then mark the defects with the use of the sketch.